Our Company

We're a live event production company helping companies, organizations, bands, and families put on engaging, crowd-pleasing events. 

If you like proactive communication and great customer service, you'll enjoy working with the Anchor Events team. 

You'll receive a custom quote based on your unique event needs. We work with a wide range of budgets and event sizes. We plan ahead to make sure all the bases are covered to meet your event goals. 

Events have a thousand moving pieces and sometimes unanticipated situations come up. But no worries - we're up for the challenge! Need an extra cable or extension cord at the last minute? We come prepared. 

Our mission is for you to feel assurance and peace that your event audiovisual components are taken care of, so you can relax and focus on other pieces of your event. 

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Our Team

We are seasoned live event producers, with technical and problem-solving savvy. They can walk into a room and identify how sound frequencies are bouncing against the unique corners and dimensions of a room. Adjusting these frequencies is one of the keys to an immaculate audiovisual experience. With backgrounds as mechanical and chemical engineers, they are relentless in perfecting the intricacies of each event. 

The entire Anchor AV Systems team brings expertise in the art and science of sound, lighting, and immersive event experiences. 

What sets them apart is their focus on the big picture and ongoing kind and professional communication with you. 

You, your event and your goals are what matter at the end of the day. 

Talk to an expert - plan your dream event with us.